The best gift you can give your pet for the holidays is to spend time with him.  But this is not always feasible.  Sometimes you have to travel and keep your pet at home.  Alternatively, there are many holiday parties to attend, and it would be inappropriate to bring your dog along.  Our Florida dog training professionals understand this issue.  Thus, we have come up with suggestions on what to look for when hiring someone to watch your pet.

Why You Need to Hire a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is someone who is in the business because they love animals.  If you leave your pet with a friend or neighbor, the attentive care a professional provides might be missing.

With an experienced pet sitter, the person will facilitate maintaining your dog’s feeding, exercise, and bathroom schedule.   Make sure the person is aware of what to do in emergencies.

Also, be certain the person has a contract to protect your dog and home as well.  If the selected pet sitter does not have a contract, then be leery about hiring him/her.  It could be a problem.  It shows the sitter does not want to be liable for any damages, personal belongings or your pet.

What to Look for in a Pet Sitter

Does the pet sitter know first aid?  Has the sitter earned certification through Red Cross?  What type of training has he/she gone through?  These are important questions to ask when looking for a loving, kind and effective pet sitter.

To find a pet sitter in your area, talk to one of our k9 obedience instructors today.