Dog leashes vary depending on your dog’s behavior, breed and size.  Some people prefer masculine looking dog leashes, such as chains, with large breed dogs ensuring it stays intact when a strong dog pulls.  A chain leash may also help control a strong dog, but the best way to ensure your dog stays under control is through a Florida dog obedience training class.  In the meantime, check out this breakdown of three more dog leash styles available to you.

Bungee Leashes

The idea of a bungee leash is great for a dog that pulls on the chain and needs to be pulled back.  It is stretchy and soft minimizing injury to your pup’s neck.  It is standard for a dog that needs extra help remaining under control.

Slip Lead Leashes

A slip lead is designed to provide the ability to walk your dog without a collar.  It just slips right around your dog’s neck as suggested by the name of the leash.  The slip lead has a metal ring on the end of it.  You pass the handle part of the leash through the metal ring creating a loop.  The loop goes right over your dog’s head.

Long Line Leashes

A long line leash is as the description implies.  It is a very long leash created to help train your dog in long distance areas, such as your backyard.  It helps keep your dog from running away while learning the “come” command.  It also provides much distance providing your dog freedom.  Thus, once training is completed, the dog will “come” to you from various distances without hesitation.  The length of a long line leash is anywhere from ten to sixty feet.

Leashes are as individual as your pup.  Find a leash suitable for your dog.  If you need additional assistance, talk to a k9 obedience training professional today.