Before you can truly have worry-free fun with your dog outside, you must enroll him in an obedience course, or have trained him yourself. Your dog needs to be trustworthy not only at home but wherever you go.

Here are some great ideas:

What better way is there for you and your canine companion to spend time together and get healthy at the same time, than to go for a walk? Dogs have a natural migration instinct and need to go on daily walks to mentally compensate for this.

Many of the hunting breeds and terriers love to play with a ball. Some dogs are more enthusiastic about this toy than others. While one dog may fetch the ball after you throw it, another may look at you like “you threw it, you get it.” Some dogs would rather have a ball that rattles, but I find that the majority like to indulge in the squeaky ones. Your best bet is to let your dog decide the right toy for him.

Take your dog to a nearby lake, or if your lucky, the beach. Many breeds, such as Labs, love to play in the water. You can incorporate fetching with the water. Throw one of your dog’s favorite toys a short distance in the water so he can rush in to retrieve it. Make sure your toy of choice can easily float.

Learn to groom your dog yourself. Not only will this save you time and money, it is a good bonding experience for the both of you. You will have also gained the satisfaction of knowing that it was you that made it happen. It’s really not that hard to pull off, as long as you have the right tools of course. Invest in a quality dog grooming set. A pair of clippers that cost less than $100 usually won’t cut well and won’t last very long.

One of the best things to do with your dog is to simply do nothing at all! They are at your side at almost every moment of the day, when your home. If you’re watching TV our using the computer, your k9 pal is most likely lying at your feet. If you’re in bed, your dog is usually on the floor beside you. Just each others presence can be enough for the both of you.