Do you have a puppy or older dog that has taken a fancy to eating their feces? This filthy habit, also known as “Dog Coprophagia” is one dog problem, we as owners… HATE! This is generally more common in puppies up to a year old, but can occur at any stage throughout your dog’s life.

There is good news for us dog lovers though. Several proven techniques and training methods can be called upon for correcting this before it can become a permanent habit.

*NOTE* If your dog has this problem (Coprophagia), ensure that all dog vaccinations and worming treatments are current or up to date. The reason for this is that various diseases and internal parasites can be passed from dog to dog due to the eating of their feces.

Possible Causes:

Sadly, in most cases, your dog just thinks poop tastes fantastic. Just the thought of this alone is absolutely disgusting and I’m sure most would agree.

Your dog may have a mineral or vitamin deficiency and they will eat their feces in an effort to help compensate and restore this balance.

It may be a sign or symptom of anxiety, stress or your dog is just suffering from plain old boredom. Certain medications or antibiotics for your dog have even been known to cause this habit to form.

This can be the result from over-feeding your dog. This will not allow for the proper digestion of food, which means his feces will still smell and taste the same as when it was consumed. With this being said, its also a possibility due to feeding your dog too little, such as once a day, some dogs become very hungry and will scavenge around for any kind of food.

Possible Solutions:

Feed your dog twice a day as appose to only once.  Try to get your dog interested in a nutritious and well balanced meal.

If you catch your dog in the act red handed, try to provide him with a distraction. Call him over to you right away with a reward in hand to praise him with. This should be sufficient enough to break this habit, but you must stay consistent when doing this.

You must enforce your strategy every time and stick with it. The longer you let your dog do this, the harder it will be to break the habit.