Adopting a Dog is Affordable

When adopting a dog, do not fret.  The cost is considerably reasonable in comparison to purchasing a dog from a breeder.  It is more cost-effective and you are saving a dog from a rescue or shelter association.  It is multi-beneficial to adopt for you, and your new dog.  For the majority of adoptions, you receive a pup with some training taught while in the shelter and socialization skills have begun.  But what do the adoption fees include?  What are you paying for when you adopt a dog?  Why do the prices vary?  Here is a brief breakdown of what adoption costs envelop.

Medical Treatments Applied are Included

Adoption fees cover various costs the shelter and/or rescue organization accrued for treatments implemented upon your new pup prior to adoption.  For example, if your dog has been spayed or neutered, the fee is covered in the adoption fees.  If a flea or tick treatment has been applied, it is naturally calculated into the adoption expenses.  Vaccinations, testing for heart-worms, microchip insertion, and basic veterinary care are comprised in adoption charges.  There is an automatic sense of reassurance created knowing medical essentials have been taken care of ensuring your pup starts his/her new life on the right foot paw.

In addition, adoption fees may include a leash, collar, dog food, crate and dental care.  There is also a portion of costs covering building utilities and staff.

Just be sure to provide your dog with proper, positive, healthy communication and training skills enhancing the bond experience between the two of you.  Check out a Florida dog training or a Florida puppy training class today.