How to Find the Right Dog Breeder

When trying to find a dog to add to your loving home, the best option is to try rescue and animals shelters first.  But if you are set on finding a specific type of puppy, then a breeder is the way to go.  However, you need to be careful.  You need to find a loving, experienced and reputable breeder.  A Florida dog obedience instructor could probably help you.  In the meantime, check out these tips on how to find an honest, caring breeder.

Good Breeders Do Not Encourage Holiday Sales

It is commonsense to understand that puppies are in high demand during Christmas, but you need to be leery of breeders that sell during the high season.  For an understanding breeder comprehends the holidays are not the best time for a dog owner and the puppy to bond.  There is much chaos going on with decorations, family, houseguests, holiday desserts left out and more.  A puppy should be brought home to a calmer environment.  It helps the puppy make the transition of being away from the litter and allows you to pay attention to your puppy properly.

Loving Breeders Communicate

Watch out for breeders that sell a puppy after one exchange of communication.  Credible breeders wish to ensure the puppy is suitable for your home and lifestyle and will ask lots of questions.  In addition, the breeder will be happy to answer lots of questions too.  Find a breeder equipped with an abundance of information and advice making the transition a smooth one for you and the puppy.

To find out more about choosing the right breeder, talk to a Florida puppy training expert today.