Tips for Avoiding Common Dog Training Mistakes: (Part 2)

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Allowing your dog to beg is a common mistake. A dog that has never received food from you when you are eating at the table will no longer continue to beg. He might try it once or twice early on in your relationship. With consistent "no’s” and "go lay down" commands will quickly discourage him from further attempts.

The Sport of Dog Agility

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Dog Agility is an international sport. Direct your dog through an obstacle course in a race against the clock to measure accuracy and completion. Neither the dog nor obstacles can be touched by the handler. Consequently the handler's controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the animal and coordination of the handler.

The Different Competition Classes in Agility

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Courses are designed by their own judges. They can also select from previously designed courses by using the rules of whom ever the funding organization. The course is laid out within a large area, with necessary distances between obstacles. Each class decides which dogs are worthy adversaries of achieving titles and how each task must be performed, but they all posses multiple similarities.


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Bulldogs of all breeds are known for their adorable features, but what's underneath all those wrinkles?  The characteristics of a bulldog can be a big factor in considering if the breed is right for you and your family, and can make all the difference in your relationship with your dog. Temperament Despite the slightly intimidating

Teaching Your dog to swim #2

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For those of you who need more than just wading your dog into water to get them to swim, you require more help in the process.  These additional dog training tips should help you with teaching your dog to swim. Help Have a friend come over with a dog that swims and take the dog

Teaching Your dog how to swim

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It's safe to say that many dogs learn how to swim in a way that is natural and automatic. However, others may need some help getting there.  For those who need some help training your dog to swim, here are some dog training tips to help you teach your furry friend to dog paddle! Familiarity

Misconceptions About Small Dogs

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Small dogs have been put under many stereotypes due to their size, and many of us have wrongly judged small dogs based on these untrue judgments. Thus we are here to clarify some myths regarding dog training, socialization, needs, and energy regarding small dogs. Exercise Many people believe that small dogs do not need as