With all the everyday things that humans come into contact, such as certain foods and common household products. Many can be toxic to your dog or puppy so be sure to take necessary safety precautions.

Garden and lawn hazards such as more then a few plants, given a nibble or two, can turn your dog’s day upside down. Most just cause an upset stomach, but some can be fatal.  Make sure that if you do choose to have these plants that they are out of the reach of your dog at all times.

Play dough consists of just a few ingredients. Though, two of the three ingredients are perfectly harmless, the third worth mentioning is salt. Dogs may enjoy the play dough’s salty taste, just remember that if too much is consumed, it can cause salt toxicity, which unfortunately, there is no antidote for this reaction. So just be careful and stay observant the next time you catch your pup rummaging through your children’s things.

Splintering bones such as from a chewed chicken bone can be very hazardous to your canine. Pieces of the bone can get stuck causing damage in the dog’s intestines and throat. When a dog is given any type of real bone including cow leg, supervision of course, is always recommended as pieces of the bone can break off. So just stay cautious and be sure to pick up and take away any small pieces so they are no chances they can be ingested. A safe bet is to purchase a
bone specifically intended for a dog to chomp on.

Antifreeze is perhaps the number one hazard to a dog. Less than one tablespoon of anti-freeze could be lethal to a dog 20 pounds and under. Your dog will smell the sweetness and may want to lick it up. This is dangerous for your dog if ingested, so when storing antifreeze, keep it far and well out of reach. Check under your car every now and then to make sure it is not on your drive way, just to be safe.

Chocolate is another common household hazard for your dog. Although it may be one of your favorite thing to eat, it can be very dangerous for your dog. Chocolate contains caffeine which can make your dog very ill. This stimulant can raise the hearts rate, unfortunately to the point of being fatal. The effect it has depends both on the dogs size and the amount of chocolate that the dog has consumed.