Many people love tiny dogs, and Teacup puppies has become very popular in dog adoption.  Not only are these adorable puppies seen as a best friend, but additionally  a fashion trend all over the world. But as we all know, to every good thing comes something bad, so this is written as a warning.  No matter how insanely adorable these puppies may be, there are a few dog adoption tips you may want to read about before getting them.

‘Teacup’ Title and Breeding
Dogs come in many breeds; hounds, mutts, toy’s, and more.  If you have ever watched a dog show, you would notice that there is no competition in the teacup category.  This is because the ‘teacup’ title does not qualify a different type of dog, but rather refers to the size of a dog.  These dogs generally weigh from four to seven pounds, and are extremely fragile due to their size.  Teacups are easily injured, if you even accidentally step on them, it could be fatal simply because of their size. It is never safe to breed a dog under five pounds, but these breeders are playing with genetics, and the faults in these puppies are proof of their wrongdoing.

Fragility and Diseases

These puppies (as mentioned before) are uncommonly fragile due to their small size and unconventional breeding.  ‘Teacup’ puppies often encounter respiratory problems, and often do not live past a few years.  many other diseases and issues that are often contracted in these small dogs include hypoglycemia, cardiac problems, collapsing trachea, luxating patellas, Leggs Calves Perthes disease, seizures, blindness and digestive problems.

The Undertaking

We are not trying to decrease the adoption of small puppies, but we are merely trying to warn you of the drawbacks that are commonly included in these small dogs, and what it could mean for your future.  These dogs become a huge responsibility despite their size, and may take a lot of time and money to keep.  With this in mind, remember that when it comes to dog care, a Teacup may not be the best idea if you want an easy dog.