It is simple to fly with your dog during the Thanksgiving holidays, if you are fully aware of the dos and don’ts making travel effortless.  To find solid advice on how to travel with your dog, talk to a Florida dog obedience instructor.  In the meantime, I have composted for you the top tips you should be aware of before traveling with your dog over the holidays.

Before You Travel with Your Dog

Before you step on any plane, you need to make sure your dog’s medical shots are updated.  Meet with your vet 30 days before traveling to ensure everything is ready to go.

Next, check all airline and destination regulations.  If you are flying out of the country, there may be exact laws regulating certain breeds from entering.   Some places also have restrictions on what age a dog is able to travel.  Be well educated before jumping on any plane with your pet.

Day of Travel

Provide your pet with plenty of exercise before arriving to the airport.  You want your dog exhausted of any nervous energy.  It will help relax your dog during the flight.

Provide your canine with plenty of water and food in the pet carrier ensuring your dog does not run out.  Remember to fill up on the water once you pass airport security.  Liquids are one of the items prohibited to purchase or bring until after clearing this area.  Once you are through purchase the water and fill up your dog’s water bowl.

To find out more about traveling with your dog, talk to a Florida dog training teacher.  He/she will guide you through the process, provide safety regulations, and talk about the room needed in a pet carrier for your pet to be comfortable during the trip.

Do not wait.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Start preparing today!