What’s this rivalry all about?

Dogs that haven’t been raised with cats usually see them not as friends, but as prey. Cats that are unfamiliar with dogs are usually afraid and intimidated by them. They are two different animals with two different distinctive personalities. Be aware that nature designed canines to be predators.

How do you make a proper introduction?

Feed both your dog and the cat before the introduction. They’ll be less territorial on a full stomach. Keep a firm grip on your dog’s leash, which will provide him with a sense of security and im sure will make the cat feel much better about the situation. If your dog seems aggressive, immediately remove the cat and try again later. You don’t want to force the situation by pushing them together before your dog is ready. Small treats increase your dog’s motivation to perform, which will be necessary in the presence of such a strong distraction as a new cat. Take a few minutes every day to give your dog this carefully supervised attention.

Will it be safe to leave them alone together?

Some dogs learn quicker than others. It may take your dog weeks maybe even months to become trustworthy around cats. Until you’re sure the dog will remember his training, never leave them alone together until you are certain that they are comfortable with each other. If you walk away while they are still investigating each other, you may regret what you find when you return.

What if the cat is the instigator?

Cats will generally rotate their schedules to accommodate the presence of a dog. If the cat teases your dog as the dog goes by, allow your dog to chase the cat around a bit. Learning is most definitely a two-way street. The cat needs to learn not to provoke the dog, just as the dog needs to learn not to provoke the cat. It may be necessary to give separate attention to each of them.


The Bottom Line:


Make your life less stressful and plan carefully when looking for a new cat to get along with your dog. Your best shot at them coexisting is to get your dog and cat when they’re both young. When they grow up together from the get go, they are much more likely to get along, and they may even become close pals.