Some dogs are fearful of certain spaces.  It may be associated with something negative that occurred to your dog in the past.  Alternatively, be aware that some dogs do act afraid for no apparent reason at all.  No matter what the scenario is with your pet, as a responsible pet owner you need to be mindful of this and help your dog overcome the problem.  Here are some tips on how to do this.

Do Not Punish

When dogs are truly fearful it is sometimes exhibited in aggression.  For the stress is too much for a dog to handle the situation.  But the important thing to remember is do not punish your dog for acting in such a manner.

Stay Calm

If your dog becomes scared, but it is a necessity to visit the area of fear, like the veterinarian’s office, then remain steady and calm.  Do not make any quick movements.  Keep your voice in a relaxed state.  The next step is to desensitize your dog to the area.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Desensitization takes patience on your part.  So be prepared to do this slowly.  First, take your dog to the feared area.  Then show your dog that this place conjures up positive interaction via using treats and your dog’s favorite toy.  Play with your dog in this space.  Your dog might take a while to inch towards where you are located, but once your dog associates the positive interaction with this space, then the dog will no longer be afraid of the locale.

For more information on how to handle this situation properly and with care, talk to a Florida dog obedience or Florida dog training professional today.