When adopting a dog, it is vital to your dog’s well being to produce a safe, loving, secure home.  Produce an environment where your dog can grow in a positive manner.   Here are some tips to help you attain this goal.

Do Your Homework

Before bringing a new dog into your home, do your homework.  Research what size dog would be appropriate for your house.  Does your dog need room to run?  Do you have a backyard?  Do you live in an apartment?  Is there limited space in your place for a dog?  These are all circumstances you need to consider before adding any new member of the family.  Your dog needs room to run around, play, and be comfortable.  If you live in a flat with no area to walk your dog on a daily basis, then this could be an issue for a bigger breed dog.  Think about what type of dog is suitable for your living space prior to inviting one into your home.

Match Your Lifestyle

If you are someone who is anal about cleanliness, then perhaps a large dog that drools is not a match for you.  Alternatively, if you love to exercise and are looking for a running dog to come along then do not choose a toy breed.

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, personality.  Thus, find a dog corresponding with your lifestyle.

To find out more information, talk to a Florida dog obedience training professional today.  A k9 obedience instructor would be able to provide ample facts about what dog breed would be most suitable to you, your home and the lifestyle you live.