No matter what type of dog training you prefer, it is important to know the general rules and policies for dog training. Knowing these rules does not just entail effective training but also make the process a whole lot easier. Below are some useful examples that every dog trainer should learn to follow for effective dog training.

-Make sure that every dog training session is short and fun. Animal behavior experts say that short periods of training is always better than long periods of time.

-Reward your dog. Give him treats or chew bones every time they follow your orders and commands.

-Try not to punish dogs by shouting or yelling at them if they don’t follow what you want them to do. Doing so will only make them aggressive.

-Be consistent. Remember that your dog will never learn the things that you teach them right away. Consistency is the key here. Do the same thing again and again until they’ve learned your orders and commands by heart.

-Teach him tricks and commands one at a time and make sure to start from the simplest one before moving on to more complicated ones. Teach them a new trick or command only if they’ve mastered the previous one.

-Learn what motivates your dogs to behave and be obedient. It can be in the form of dog food, treats, or toys.

-Never hit dogs every time they do something wrong or unwanted. Ignoring them is the best way to let them know they will never get anything if they keep on doing whatever it is that they’re doing.

-Test their obedience in various situations. This is the best way to ensure they still follow your commands and orders even when they are outside and around people.

Whatever dog training method that you may go with, it is critical that you make them feel you are the leader in your dog-owner pack. It is also important that you make them understand what are good and acceptable behaviors and what are not. Training your dog to become a good and well-behaved citizen may not be easy, but all your time, efforts and patience will certainly pay off. Remember that there’s nothing better than a dog that knows not just how to protect their owners but also follows orders and commands and knows how to behave in different surroundings and situations.