Common Household Products Damage Your Dog’s Health

There are items around or in households that may be lethal to your dog’s health.  Being cautious and aware of what these items are is the first step to protecting your dog’s wellbeing.  For this reason, we are continuing the “Dog Poison” series with this entry.  Here are a few more items to put on your list.  These items need to be stored away properly far from your dog’s reach.

Remove Cleaning Products

If a human ingests a cleaning product, it causes damage.  Thus, why would it would be any different when it comes to your puppy?  Keep all household cleaning products in safekeeping, where your pets will not be able to encounter them.  Remember, some cleaners emit toxic vapors putting your dog in danger.  Check your cleaning labels before using anything in the house.  Make sure it is safe for your pet before applying on furniture and floors.

Check Pesticide Safety

Pesticides may be fatal on your dog.  Be careful when using any sort of pesticide product.  You need to ask a professional or talk to your vet first.  Find out what pesticide is safe to use around pets.  It is better to be sure you utilize a safe product than one that may cause serious illnesses in your precious pup.

These are only a few hazardous products putting your dog’s health at-risk.  To find out more information about what products are safe ask a professional.  Talk to experts in k9 training.  Enroll in a Florida dog obedience training class today.  An experienced instructor will provide ample information on what products are proper to use around pets and what items should be disposed of immediately