Do Not Over Exercise Your Dog

There are different dogs that need various amounts of exercise.  But one problem, believe it or not, is over exercising your puppies and certain breeds.  You need to be careful when deciding to take your dog on your next run.  Here are some tips to remember ensuring your pet stays healthy without overdoing it.

Exhaustion Causes Dog Injuries

It is possible for your dog to be harmed during over exercise.  For when you exercise your dog, the dog’s body automatically becomes heated.  The danger occurs when the heat-stress becomes too much.  Your dog could become over-heated internally.  It happens.  When this occurs, it could cause internal organ damage.  It is fatal to your dog.  So if it is warm outside, hold back a bit on the outdoor running.  And always keep plenty of water ensuring your dog stays hydrated.

Start Canine Exercise Slowly

If your dog is starting a new exercise routine, start gradually.   Go a little bit further with each walk, but do not go all out at once.  This could cause hip issues with your dog.  And dogs tend not to show the injuries for they believe if they stop, the fun interaction will come to halt.  Thus, dogs tend to continue even if in pain.  Therefore, take it easy.  Pay attention to how your dog acts and moves.  And do not do too much.

For more information about how much exercise is appropriate, talk to a Florida dog training or k9 obedience professional today.