Providing your dog the freedom of running outside in a backyard is part of being a responsible dog owner.  It gives your dog space to run around without restriction.  However, when allowing your dog to run around the backyard, it is important to find a way to keep unwanted visitors out.  You should provide your dog with fencing to keep other animals and strangers from approaching and causing potential harm to your pet.  Here are some various attributes of fencing to consider when looking for the right one for your home.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is a good option for sound barriers for the backyard.  It muffles backyard sounds, including a dog’s barking.  It also keeps any passerby noise to a minimum.  It is a deterrent to keeping criminals at bay, but it does come with a few negative aspects.  One is that the wood fencing is expensive.  Sometimes people do not have it in their budget to go with wood fencing.  It just depends on your dog’s needs, pricing, and what are your priorities are in terms of fencing.

Chain Links

Chain links are a great option for someone that wants the look of an open yard, yet still maintain control of who or what comes in and out of the area.  Chain links are also cost-effective.  On the other hand, if your dog is a digger, climber or jumper, then this type of fencing may cause issues.  For many chain link fences only stand about four feet high, and do not go down into the ground far enough to prevent digging.

To find out more about what type of fencing is right for your breed of dog, talk to a Florida dog obedience instructor today.  A k9 obedience expert will be able to go over this information and guide you in the right direction.