We’ve all seen those heart-breaking commercials advertising adoption from pet shelters, and there are many reasons to do so. Here are some dog adoption tips that will help you save the life of an animal.

Saving a Life

So many people realize that they don’t have room for a dog in their life and decide to rid themselves of the ‘burden’ in the wrong way.  Because of this, about sixty percent of all dogs in shelters are euthanized each year.  If more people made the decision to adopt a pet instead of buying one, millions of animals could be saved every year.  Not only would you save the life of one animal by adopting, but two by the space you opened up at the shelter.

Getting a Healthy Pet

Animals in pet shelters are regularly healthy and happy, waiting for new owners  to take them home!  Many shelters spay or neuter their animals, and scan them in order to administer all shots prior to any adoption.  Many shelters even check their animals temperaments in order to give them to the right family, so you can be sure that you are getting the right pet for your living situation.  It’s often an idea that animals are in a pet shelter for being bad, but things such as divorce, family issues, moving or financial difficulty are often reasons for pets being sent to a shelter. Also it is often that in pet shelters that the animals share cages with several others, so they are tame and friendly in dog socialization.


Pet stores are known for making a pet cost a fortune.  At a pet store, you can pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a companion.  However,   at a pet shelter animals come at a drastically lower cost.  In addition to the advantage of low cost, (as stated before) the animals are also generally spayed or neutered, leaving less for you to worry about.

So save a life, save some money, and feel good about your decision to change the life of an animal that needs you.  Adopt a pet!