In today’s world, we hardly think about the true talent that dogs have.  Dog training is taken to a whole new level by a few insane feats of talent, but we often only see them as pets and companions, which is because most of the time they are.  Whatever our view on our furry friends may be, we have often downgraded them.  Dogs aren’t just able to be your best friend, but your eyes, a way to rescue people, a way of tracking criminals, and more.

Seeing-eye dogs

Seeing-eye dogs are often seen aiding the blind, maneuvering them around on their daily routs.  However, most people don’t know that these dogs go through intensive training to help their owners, aiding them in accomplishing  things that are impossible for them to do on their own.  These dogs are truly remarkable, learning commands and becoming a humans eyes.  Seeing-eye dogs are not only a persons guide, but a best friend to those in need.

Search and Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs are dogs trained to find injured or lost people.  These dogs can catch a scent of humans in any terrain, and are often today used in war.  Dogs of this caliber are respected as war veterans, saving hundreds of lives simply by having persistence and a good nose.  Search and rescue dogs are remarkable to see in person. There are taped tests that rescue dogs go on, and you can see them tracking down a persons scent right to their destination, and in amazing time!


Trackers are known for their extra-sensitive noses that can detect amazing things.  These dogs are seen with police, and given a sniff of anything, they can find it in minutes.  Often used to detect drugs, these dogs run to the destination they sense is correct and are either trained to sit down next to the suspected person, or attack.  Also, given a sniff of a clothing item, they can detect who’s it is, helping in criminal investigations.

Overall, don’t underestimate the abilities of these astounding animals, because mans best friend is really talented.  Dog obedience can be altered and pushed until it reaches a new level of amazing, and these exceptional dogs help us in our everyday lives.  Whether it be finding our country’s honorable men, tracking down it’s criminal’s, or aiding someone, these dogs are more than what meets the eye.