Housebreaking is an issue that can be addressed at any stage in a dog’s life. Food is also a very important step into successfully housebreaking your dog. Good quality food is a key factor in regulating these unfortunate incidents. Higher quality foods mean less filler so the dog needs less food to get the same amount of nutrition. With lower quality food, your dog has to eat more to get the same nutrition. Remember, the more food you feed your dog, the more stool.

Keep your puppy or dog on a schedule:

The very first step to housebreaking your puppy is to establish a schedule. It is critical to stay as close to the same times every day until your puppy has fully understood the concept you are teaching him. The more committed you are to a set schedule, the faster the puppy will develop a feel for the concept. This will help him to build an internal time clock for his own schedule.

Let him out to potty after eating, playing or waking up. Don’t give your dog big meals right before leaving the house for an extended period of time or right before going to bed. Be sure that your dog has plenty of chances to go potty in the right place. Only taking him out once or twice a day just won’t cut it. If your puppy is still having accidents, you may need a house breaking class to assist. This will offer you the proper aid in making sure your pup is “doing his business” in the right places.

Praise your puppy or dog when he gets it right:

In the beginning phases of housebreaking, don’t just open the door. Don’t just send your dog outside with high expectations that he naturally knows what to do. You should go out with your dog so you know for a sure whether he’s gone or not. Most importantly, don’t forget or be afraid to celebrate with your dog when he does the right thing outside. Verbal praise, petting and play are great rewards that will convince your dog that going outside to do his thing, is definitely the way to go!

Generally, most dogs and puppies can be successfully housebroken by following these few simple rules. However, sometimes housebreaking can be some what tricky and may require a customized housebreaking program.