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Bulldogs of all breeds are known for their adorable features, but what's underneath all those wrinkles?  The characteristics of a bulldog can be a big factor in considering if the breed is right for you and your family, and can make all the difference in your relationship with your dog. Temperament Despite the slightly intimidating

Shock Collars

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The use of shock collars has been a big base for debate since they were invented, but everyone has their own ideas about how to train their dog.  Shock collars obviously aren't made to be a promotion for dog abuse, but are rather used for several key dog training purposes. Dog Training Shock collars are

What to Avoid in Dog Food

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There are many contributors that lower the quality of dog food, such as by-products, fillers, non-specific meat sources and preservatives, but what are they?  Many people know that these ingredients are bad for your dog, but we'll explain what they are, and why they're bad for your dog's health.  Follow these simple dog care tips,

Dog Trainers

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Please keep in mind when looking for a dog trainer or behaviorist if they only show a P.O. box or no address at all and have you leave a message when calling they are probably not registered or Licensed with the state. K9 Korral obedience training center is Registered & Licensed to do business in