Keep Your Dog Safe And Happy On Halloween

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As you can imagine Halloween can be a daunting ordeal for your family dog. Each Halloween, veterinarians across the USA deal with dogs getting hurt. All of which could certainly be prevented. The following are some important tips to keep your animal safe healthy and happy during this fun holiday for children. The first great

Effective Training Techniques for Dogs of all Shapes and Sizes:

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The term obedience training is generally used for the various methods of helping your dog to behave in a more expectable manner. There are many different methods in dog training techniques such as positive reinforcement, reward training, collar and leash, marker training, dog whispering, and clicker training.

Dog Pregnancy Care Tips:

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A pregnant dogs body is going through many changes as the puppies are growing inside her therefore her needs are going to increase. They need special care to ensure they are in tip top shape before the big day. A dog’s pregnancy generally last from 60 to 63 days.


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Bulldogs of all breeds are known for their adorable features, but what's underneath all those wrinkles?  The characteristics of a bulldog can be a big factor in considering if the breed is right for you and your family, and can make all the difference in your relationship with your dog. Temperament Despite the slightly intimidating

Foot Booties For Dogs

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What are Foot Booties? Foot booties are basically shoes for dogs.  These 'shoes' can service many different uses, and knowing these can make all the difference in your opinion on the product.  Foot booties have been known for their big variety of uses on dogs, but what exactly are they used for? There is no