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A comprehensive 60-minute behavioral evaluation and advisory session for you and your dog at our training facility or in your home.


Sarasota’s Best Private Dog Training

The best private dog training in Sarasota is with K9 Korral. We offer many different options to make sure you and your dog get the best results possible. During our private lessons, we focus specifically on you and your dog giving you our undivided attention and custom training to improve your dog’s skills and behavior as quickly as possible.

Our Prices

At your home training (without aggression): $175.00
At your home training (with aggression): $200.00

Team Evaluation

The Team Evaluation is a comprehensive 60-minute in-person behavioral evaluation and advisory session for you and your dog at our training facility or in your home. The Team Evaluation is an excellent tool to obtain objective, detailed input about your dog’s behavioral status and training needs. We put a special emphasis on resolving problematic behaviors with appropriate behavioral modification and improving handler skills. Your private Team Evaluation may be all you need to resolve some bothersome behavioral issues and get you re-started on successful training on your own. You can always continue your team training with K9 Korral with additional private training lessons following your initial Team Evaluation or switch to group classes.

Your private Team Evaluation is an opportunity for us to meet and review your dog’s general history and behavioral challenges, your current training status, and your team training goals and objectives. Training Director Jeffery Andrew will personally work with you and your dog to design the optimal training strategies and plan to resolve any behavioral issues and get you started with successful team obedience. Your Team Evaluation may include recommendations for more effective equipment (collar, leash etc..), improved handling, and adjustments in your home environment to help resolve a specific behavioral problem.

During your Team Evaluation, we’ll evaluate your training experience and goals, your handling strategies, and other key environmental elements that are crucial to a successful training plan and a lifetime of successful behavioral management. You’ll gain a greater understanding of how to better communicate with and manage your dog to build a stronger bond and relationship with your canine family member. I personally guarantee that you will leave your Team Evaluation with new knowledge of  behavioral modification strategies and the handling your new training skills to take home and successfully apply to your canine partner that day.

Whatever your training requirements and schedule availability, we can help you create a training plan that will work for you and your dog.

Single “a la carte” Lessons

60-minute private team training lessons are conducted by Training Director Jeffery Andrew or the trainer best suited for you and your dog at our training facility or in your home. If your schedule demands flexibility and you would not be able to commit to a weekly sequence of training lessons, then an “a la carte” single lesson would be the best choice for you. You might also choose an a la carte lesson if you’re just starting your training and want to try an introductory lesson, or if you only need a one-time training refresher. After completing your first a la carte lesson, you can continue your training with “pay as you go” single a la carte lessons, or combine two or three lessons on one day for an intensive private team training session, or you can enroll in one of our cost saving Discount Packages offering a prescheduled weekly three-lesson course.

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