Are you afraid of a commitment to a six week class? Are your dog’s behavioral issues targeted to one specific area? Maybe you and your dog would just prefer a more intimate one-on-one training session? Look into private lessons for your canine friend. This is perfect if you always have a busy schedule. Realistic training goals personalized around your schedule.

Advanced Education Lessons:

An advanced education course will help to strengthen your dog’s maturity in everyday situations. After the completion of this intensive 6 week process, your dog will earn a Graduation Degree. Main issues covered such as, remaining calm while given affection, loose leash walking and how to heel, learning without giving in to distractions and specific games to build good reliability.

Intermediate Education Lessons:

An intermediate education course will help to develop your dog’s ability to further learn behaviors involving distance, duration and distractions. After making it through this extensive 6 week process, your dog will earn a certificate of completion. Key areas covered include, a brief review of basic commands such as to stay from a distance, heel, or stand. Learn how to focus despite any distractions, and games that will help to form your relationship.

Beginner Education Lessons:

Mostly intended for puppies but also welcomes adult dogs that have had no prior training. After this intensive 6 week process, your dog will earn a certificate of completion. Key topics covered such as simple cues, like sit, come, and to stay down. Learn problem solving and using respectable house manners. Take on health, grooming and proper dog nutrition as well as proper relationship building games.

Personal Dog Training Camp:


Make your dog’s day even more exciting by getting signed up today in a personal training camp. These sessions offer hands on training just for you and your canine friend. The pet training instructors arm themselves with positive reinforcing techniques to teach your dog some new skills, or to staying on top of a previous bad behavior.

Private Puppy Education:

Give your puppy the right start with classes that will encourage good behavior while helping you create that strong lasting bond with your pet. Specific areas including, introduction a simple command, such as sit, come here and stay there. Show basic manners and good social skills with other people and other dogs. Learn about relationship establishing games and problem prevention guidelines. Also, learn some tips about health, grooming and puppy nutritional facts.