Itouch Massage is a proactive therapy that not only addresses your dog’s health issues in the here and now, but it also helps ensure your dog’s wellness and well being in the future.

Reiki is another non-invasive therapy modality which offers many benefits for your dog. Massage and Reiki are both relaxing and healing methods to utilize in a well-rounded, integrated health and wellness plan for your best friend.

Whether your dog:

  • is older, has arthritis or is just stiff
  • needs special therapies to help heal from surgery or other medical issues
  • is disabled or has special needs
  • participates in agility or obedience trials
  • is active, plays hard, and gets regular exercise
  • is a service dog or working dog

Benefits of massage are invaluable. Not only is massage relaxing and invigorating, but it can also:

  • improve elimination of metabolic waste
  • improve flexibility at the joints
  • stimulate motor nerves & improve proprioception
  • improve the quality of skin and coat
  • improve digestion
  • help increase oxygen to cells
  • stimulate and benefit each system of the body

Massage is a perfect complimentary therapy in a well-rounded holistic approach to your dog’s health — physically, emotionally, and mentally!

“How many sessions will I need?”

Every animal is an individual, and there is no requirement for a certain number of session, but it’s important to understand that deep change requires effort.

For acupressure and reiki treatments you should be open to having four sessions in order to see significant changes in your animal’s health and emotional wellbeing. Acupressure treatments should be spaced out to allow the animal to adjust between sessions. Reiki sessions can be scheduled daily if desired, and this kind of “intensive” can jumpstart healing.