Day Care Policy


The K9Korral requires an evaluation prior to admission into our Doggie Daycare Program. Please call us to schedule a free half day Daycare visit for a thorough evaluation to make sure your dog fits well with the normal Daycare pack. Also, refer to our Vaccination Policy for vaccine requirements.


The K9Korral does not provide meals to Daycare guests. We will provide all toys, please do not bring personal toys. We only allow break away collars (no martingales, choke etc). No tags are allowed on the collar. (no name, pet-link, rabies etc). In the event of a medical emergency that requires that the dog be removed from daycare we will notify the owner as soon as possible. The K9Korral reserves the right to transport any dog to a veterinarian of our choice for emergency medical attention, at the owner’s expense. (Please read our waiver of liability and Dog release form).

While attending our daycare, your Dog will be playing with other dogs. Because of the nature of play, your dog may get scratches, cuts, bruises, or other minor injuries in the course of such play. The K9Korral is not responsible for such injuries. We do not allow fighting, mounting, or other inappropriate behaviors, and train our staff to avoid and stop any such behavior. We are not able to prevent every instance of inappropriate behavior, though we do our best to ensure a safe and happy play environment for all of our guests.

Because your dog plays with other dogs, colds, flu, and other illnesses may be transmitted despite our best efforts to remove and isolate any symptomatic dogs, and our best efforts to maintain the cleanest possible play area. We are not responsible if your dog catches a cold or flu while with us. We’d like you to know that we do our best to keep all dogs in our care as healthy as possible. (Please read our waiver of liability and Dog release form).

Cancellation Policy

To prevent being charged for a reservation that you cannot keep, you must cancel that reservation no later than 8:00 a.m. the morning of the reservation.