Tips for Avoiding Common Dog Training Mistakes: (Part 2)

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Allowing your dog to beg is a common mistake. A dog that has never received food from you when you are eating at the table will no longer continue to beg. He might try it once or twice early on in your relationship. With consistent "no’s” and "go lay down" commands will quickly discourage him from further attempts.

Tips to Dog Misbehaviors When Visitors Come Over:

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Many people seem to think that when their dog is jumping or barking at company, they feel the need to scream at the dog. A much more affective method would be to give your dog something more productive to do. A good start is to teach him to “lay down” or “stay”. Then once the dog understands these simple commands, then work towards having someone ring the doorbell or knock.

Dog Toys

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Almost every dog loves toys! It’s a staple in dogs that they love to play, bound, and leap around with their toys, but with so many out there, which ones are good and bad for dogs? Through the years of dog play, a few toys have stuck around that are famous for being so loved

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for Pets

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Just like the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve is a fun holiday for people but a difficult one for our pets. Fireworks, which are common on New Year’s Eve, can cause even a dog who has been through k9 obedience training to run away from the scary, loud sounds and sparks. The fun and