Misconceptions About Small Dogs

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Small dogs have been put under many stereotypes due to their size, and many of us have wrongly judged small dogs based on these untrue judgments. Thus we are here to clarify some myths regarding dog training, socialization, needs, and energy regarding small dogs. Exercise Many people believe that small dogs do not need as

Dog Barking

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Dogs bark for many reasons. They can be warning you of strangers, or greeting you home excitedly, but either way there should be a limit to how much you allow them to bark.  Many people have issues with excessive barking, and if this is something you need to teach your pet, it is best to

Ways to Change Excessive Barking

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It is commonsense that dogs bark to communicate ideas to others.  Dogs bark to greet, alarm, and to establish territorial area.  But what happens if your dog barks excessively for attention-seeking purposes?  This can become a huge headache, literally, for the entire household.  So why not teach your loving pup other behaviors to notify you